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This is where you will find LINKS to training videos for each or the third party apps. The training link is active below.  For trouble shooting guide please visit the trouble shooting page.

Adding NEW Home Screen Apps


1.  Click on the Binge Watch Icon and you will see it download and a white page will appear.  Click on Install.

2.  Let the program install and when finished you will click on OPEN in the bottom right corner.

3.  Click Allow, Allow, OK, choose MX Player as your default player.

4.  click on NO to the cyber player.

Watching a Movie

1.  Click on the menu bar top left corner, click on movies.

2.  Click on a movie

3.  Click on the play arrow on the top right hand corner.

4.  A line will race across the top of your screen and you will see servers drop down on the left side of your screen.

5.  Pick a server (stream) and a gray box will pop up in the middle of the screen, click on PLAY.  

6.  Enjoy your movie.

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Live Sports Ethernet Connection Required

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